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Device monitoring

Keep employes productive and your kids safe

  Surround audio and call recording
  Accessible from browser
  24/7 Email & Online support
  Tracking Text, Calls, Location, Contacts & more



View log of incoming and outgoing calls with detail info and timestamp. You can hear actual call recording audio.


Check all incoming and outgoing messages with time, sender and recipent info. View conversation for selected contact.


Keeps track of the user address book. View contact name, phone numbers, email, notes, contact website and more.


Track device current GPS location on a google map with street view. Check history of locations on a map and search it by specific period of time.


See photos taken or recieved on a monitored device. See each photo detail info. Download a photo in full resolution is enabled on request.


Check all videos from device. Make a request to download full video and play video online or offline.

Internet activity

All websites visited and history is kept and acecible by online panel. Check when sites were visited and search history for some time period.

Record surroundings

Remotely schedule recording on a monitored device. Depending on device audio is recorded up to 20ft from device.


You get 24/7 free email and online customer support. We are ready to help you and to answer any questions you might have.

Did you think monitoring an Android mobile phone with a tracking app was difficult?
It doesn't have to be. You can install and start using spysync app in 3 simple steps. Let's take a look!

Requirements For Using The SPYSYNC android app

In order to use SPYSYNC software to track someone's activity, you need to make sure that the target device (phone or tablet) is running a minimum of 2.4 android version. You are also going to need to make sure that the device you are going to be monitoring is connected to the internet. During installation, you are going to need physical access to the target device, but after that you can access it remotely from your spysync control panel.

Look Up Which Android Version Your Device Is Operating On

As noted, the target device should be using Android 2.4 or higher in order for spysync to work. If you are unsure of which version of Android the device is running, do not panic; finding out is really easy. All you have to do is go to the settings menu and select the option that says 'About Phone'. Once you bring up this menu, look for 'Software Information' and you will find the current version of Android that the device is using. (spysync app is also compatible with iOS devices as well)

Find Out More About SPYSYNC, The World's #1 Monitoring App

What Exactly is SPYSYNC?

So, what exactly is SPYSYNC app? In the most basic of terms, app is a very clever little mobile application which is going to allow you to monitor another cell phone remotely. Parent are using this app for monitoring their children in order to keep them safe, and employers are using it for tracking employees to make sure that they are not wasting working hours on personal errands or using a company cell phone inappropriately! This sophisticated monitoring and tracking app can be installed in a matter of minutes and the software will start recording data immediately. There are many different features including the ability to track who they call, view internet browsing history, detect GPS location, and monitor SMS text messages along with much, much more.

Who Needs Android Monitoring App?

It all sounds very high-tech and you might be wondering who could possibly need such a powerful mobile phone tracker! The truth is, SPYSYNC has hundreds of real world applications. One of the most popular uses is parents who want to know how to monitor their children because they have concerns over their safety. With spysync app, they can monitor who their child is talking to, where they are going and what content they are viewing completely in secret without them ever knowing. This app can even be used for locating the child via GPS. Another popular use is in a business setting where spysync app can be used to make sure that employees are not behaving inappropriately. It can be used to monitor efficiency, misuse of company owned devices and even uncover industrial espionage and data leaks!

Think about the concerns that you currently have. Are you worried about the type of message your teenager is receiving from people they meet online? Do you want to locate your child when they have missed curfew? Are you interested in tracing the number that keeps on appearing on your company phone bills? Do you think employees are messing around on Facebook when they should be working? If so then spysync app can help you to trace all of these things! What more reason do you need to download the app today?

One thing that you do need to remember if you are intending to use this program to track someone is that you must inform them that you will be using software to check out their online activities and the numbers that they are calling. You can only use the spysync software (mind, it is not spyware, as it is legal and requires the target to be informed on the fact of monitoring) to monitor a person who is using a telephone that you own which is why parents and employers are able to do so legally. If you check out any review, you will see that is considered the top app of this kind. The easy to use system will provide you with all off the information that you need. All you have to do is login to your control panel from any device with an internet connection; it really could not be any easier.

The spysync app has just 3 easy steps to get you started

  • Sign up
  • Purchase the app
  • Start using the app

In a matter of minutes you could be worry free, knowing that your child is under your watchful eye whether they realise it or not!