Our Features

We are a creative company focusing on delivering state of the art software. Somewhere between sophistication and simplicity.


Get all incoming and outgoing calls with details like call duration, caller name and number. Retrieve and hear actual call conversation audio recording.


View all incoming and outgoing messages. Search message history by name, number and time period. Group and read message as conversation for specific contact.


Track your kids GPS location. If there is no GPS we use towers to determine location. You can search location history by street, place or time and see it on a detail map or street view if enabled.


View detail info from a phone address book. Details like contact picture, name, numbers, and emails. Contact info is updated every time when added or changed on the phone.

Photos & Videos

View pictures and play videos that are taken by a phone camera, downloaded or received from someone. For example videos from viber or similar.

Record surroundings

Besides recording calls audio you can record audio surrounding on demand. Set up start time of recording and duration for remotely recording audio. You can remotely record up to 2 hours.

We are constantly working on improving and adding new features.
If you have any ideas how to make our features better please share it with us.

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